Are you an Emerging Leader?

Emerging Leaders are people who are getting ready to unleash more of their potential by taking on a formal or informal leadership role.
Maybe you’re an individual contributor who is a strong performer and is preparing to assume a management job for the first time.
Or maybe you’re already in a management function and are wondering how you can become a genuine leader and not just an operationally-oriented manager.
Then we call you an "Emerging Leader."

What is Leadership?

Leadership is the art of mobilizing others to work towards achieving shared ambitions. Thus a leader provides direction and shows the way forward, by creating and sharing an exciting vision of the future.
A leader motivates and inspires people to engage with this vision, and then build and coach individuals and teams to be effective in achieving the vision.
However, nobody can be given the title of leader, you earn it by creating followers and by being at the service of others.

How do you become a true Leader?

Most important is to enhance your competencies in each of the 5 Key Leadership Performance Areas:

Leaders set the example of what they expect of others. They understand their own core values and use these to guide their lives. Their actions are aligned with their values.

Leaders begin with leading themselves. They are open to feedback, are conscious of personal strengths and weaknesses, and are willing to change. They choose to build self-awareness, shrink blind-spots, and strive for authenticity.

Leaders execute in an accountable way - they build from idea to concrete action to desired outcome. They equip others with clear expectations and specific accountability. They see obstacles as a challenge, rather than a roadblock. They set goals, commit, follow through and persevere.

Leaders understand that the "why" is important. They facilitate the creation of vision, share the big picture, and find ways to make the vision meaningful for others. They are inspiring and committed.

Leaders passionately share stories and use examples to enhance understanding of the common vision. They show others how their individual success is linked to the vision.

Leaders are not happy with "good enough"…..they continuously look for better ways to do things. They engage in renewal, creativity and innovation.

Leaders are constantly examining the needs of the people they serve. They are enterprising, persistent and willing to be bold. They know that risk is often more important than routine.

Leaders cultivate talent and are passionately focused on the growth of others. They support, develop, and expect each person's best.

Leaders act together…..they suspend self-interest, invite ideas from others, and balance process with the need to move forward. They cultivate relationships and build trust.

Leaders show appreciation and recognition for everybody's contributions. They inform people about the confidence they have in them, and celebrate achievements together.

Leaders inspire and motivate people to have a can-do attitude, to take action and to persevere to reach agreed goals. They provide the "fuel for the spirit".

Leaders clearly and frequently communicate to people their individual worth and potential, so that they come to see it in themselves.

Leaders deliver consistent value with integrity and passion, they take full responsibility for their actions. So another fundamental aspect is to constantly work on enhancing your Personal Leadership i.e. leadership of self.

Feedback is also key, "Feedback is the breakfast of champions!"
Our Leadership Performance Analysis and Feedback Portal instruments enable you to receive regular feedback to become a true leader through the eyes of others.

What’s special about the Drive Your Leadership program?

A unique aspect of this program is that it not only focuses on enhancing your competencies and ability to lead others, it also provides insights and instruments to increase and manage your personal energy across the 4 dimensions of energy: physical, emotional, mental, purpose. This is an essential key in enabling yourself and others to achieve extraordinary results.

We also believe in putting things into context, to ensure that you can apply your leadership skills in practice. Thus an action-learning business assignment specifically related to your organization is another important element.
Drive Your Leadership is not a training! It’s a personalized development project combining group workshops, individual coaching sessions and mentoring.

Drive Your Leadership program Overview

  • Personal Intake
  • Leadership Performance Analysis
  • 5 x 1-day Modules, spread over several months (by stretching out the learning, you avoid overload and allow the concepts to be gradually advanced in a real-world context)
  • 4 x Individual Coaching sessions
  • Regular sessions with personal Mentor

Drive Your Leadership program Results

  • You learn how to effectively lead yourself
  • You learn how to lead others through developing an inspirational and inclusive leadership style
  • You learn how to apply the newly acquired knowledge by executing assignments provided after each workshop
  • You significantly increase awareness and knowledge of yourself, your strengths and focus areas for further development
  • You learn to live and work by using your strengths and authenticity, by "being yourself"
  • You learn to be an inspirational leader and create dedicated followers
  • You create a Personal Leadership Plan, including Leadership and Energy Rituals, to pragmatically accelerate your professional and personal development
  • You develop the ability to inspire and engage others in creating and achieving positive change
  • You learn how to balance, manage and renew your energies in all circumstances
  • You increase your impact as a leader within your organization
  • You boost your network with other Emerging Leaders

Feedback from some of "Our Emerging Leaders"

Ik wil jullie bij deze nogmaals van harte bedanken voor deze fantastische ervaring. Ik heb er bijzonder veel van geleerd en vooral een heldere structuur meegekregen waaraan ik alle componenten van leiderschap kan ophangen.
I really enjoyed following this training and have experienced a transformation in my leadership-style as well as interpersonal. The Leadership Performance Analysis and Energy Profile tools provided insights I wouldn't have discovered by myself and acted as a mirror. I will continue to work with these tools for reflection and improvement points.
Wat jullie doen heeft zeker impact. Jullie zijn beide inspirerende mensen en sprekers die verstand hebben van zaken en de boodschap met bevlogenheid en passie overbrengen.
Er is de afgelopen maanden geen dag voorbij gegaan dat ik niet met de onderwerpen uit het leiderschap programma ben bezig geweest en niet heb nagedacht over de wat ik hierin voor mijn werk kan verbeteren
Leuk, inspirerend en waardevol.
Concluderend kan ik wel zeggen dat het programma mij heel veel geleerd over de dingen die je kunt doen als leider middels de tools en modellen.
There was focus on a different part of leadership each session. This helped me create a framework for leadership and 'zoom in' on the different aspects from each module.
Ik heb iedere trainingsdag geboeid van begin tot einde meegemaakt. Goed afwisseling tussen theorie en dingen doen.
I think everybody who's interested in significantly enhancing their leadership should attend a Drive Your Leadership program.
Dank je wel, ik vond het een geweldig traject.
Great hands-on program about leadership that is not only applicable in business, but also in life. And the Energy Modules provide an excellent pragmatic way to improve energy renewal and recharging.

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